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consultancy-small-6.pngFood Allergens and the Law

The Food Information to Consumers (FIC) Regulation requires that certain food allergens be specifically highlighted in the ingredients list on a food label. Food allergens also need to be declared on unpackaged foods so caterers and retailers need to have accurate allergen information for each food product and menu item.

consultancy-small-14.pngFood Allergen Information

EU legislation has identified the 14 most common food allergens in Europe and requires that they and their derivatives are declared on food labels . It is important that manufacturers and retailers apply allergen risk assessment and controls to these ingredients throughout the production process. The allergens are :

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consultancy-small-9.pngAbout our food allergen services

Our experts can advise whether your food labels comply with both existing and planned food labelling regulations. We can work with caterers to gather the necessary food allergen information in a suitable format. We also run food labelling and food allergen awareness training courses.

Food Labelling Workshop useful for importers, wholesalers and manufacturers - Labelling laws, food names, date marking, lot marking, QUID, allergens, place of origin, health claims, nutrition labelling, weights and measures. Contact us for more information.