Our experts can calculate the nutritional information needed for food labels or menus
consultancy-small-6.pngNutritional Information and the Law

Currently, unless claims such as slimming or low fat are used, there is no legal requirement to give nutrition data on a food label. But, if you do, it must be in a prescribed format. From Dec 2016, the Food Information to Consumers (FIC) Regulation will require that most food labels contain nutritional information.

consultancy-small-13.pngNutrition Data on Food Labels

Nutrition data refers to the amount of energy, fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt in a food product or menu item. Nutritional information must be accurate so that consumers are not misled. There are certain mandatory items that must be included as well as allowable supplementary information.

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consultancy-small-9.pngAbout our nutritional analysis services

Our experts can calculate the nutritional content of food products and menu items. This nutrition data may be needed to meet the food label regulations or if you wish to inform your customers voluntarily. We also advise on how the nutritional information has to be presented on a food label and run food labelling training courses.

Food Labelling Workshop useful for importers, wholesalers and manufacturers - Labelling laws, food names, date marking, lot marking, QUID, allergens, place of origin, health claims, nutrition labelling, weights and measures. Contact us for more information.