Our corporate health and food safety audit and consultant services are ideal for multi-site operations
Scores on the doors statistics

Do you want to prove the worth or provide a case for increased compliance spend? We have access to UK-wide scores on the doors data allowing us to produce a variety of reports for you - at the touch of a button. For example, we can forecast the dates of EHO inspections, inform you when inspections occur, compare sites against one another and benchmark your sites with your competitors.

Web-based audits

Drastically reduce the time taken to receive and approve health and food safety audit results and action plans. Unit managers update the website when tasks are completed or progress has been made - and you are alerted when actions are overdue. You can use this for your in-house health and food safety audits or we can carry out the audits for you.

Web-based record keeping

Store health and food safety compliance documents (asbestos surveys, PAT tests, pest control reports, training certificates, etc) on-line. No more searching through paperwork when managers leave or when disputing or making an insurance claim. You’ll be alerted when certificates are coming up for renewal. Managers can print monitoring forms as and when they need them - reducing the chance of storing supplies of out-of-date forms.

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We have produced a guide to Scores on the Doors and the Food Standards Agency's Food Hygiene Rating Scheme with advice on how you can obtain five stars. Please contact us for a free copy.