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We have designed a 10 question form which will help determine how you can improve your food hygiene rating. Please complete the form and click "Send". Fields marked with an asterix (*) are mandatory.

 Yes    No    Unsure 1. Do you check these temperatures regularly: food deliveries, freezers, fridges, cooked food, food on display?
 Yes    No    Unsure 2. Have your food handlers taken a foundation/level 2 training course in food hygiene in the last three years?
 Yes    No    Unsure 3. Do you have a documented cleaning schedule?
 Yes    No    Unsure 4. Do you check daily that stored food is in date and in good condition?
 Yes    No    Unsure 5. Do you have a documented food safety management system?
 Yes    No    Unsure 6. Do you have a pest control contract?
 Yes    No    Unsure 7. Do you check daily that foods are not contaminated?
 Yes    No    Unsure 8. Do your food handlers have high standards of personal hygiene?
 Yes    No    Unsure 9. Are your premises and equipment in good repair and condition?
 Yes    No    Unsure 10. Are you confident that if something went wrong you would have a robust due diligence defence in Court?
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We have produced a guide to Scores on the Doors and the Food Standards Agency's Food Hygiene Rating Scheme with advice on how you can obtain five stars. Please contact us for a free copy.

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