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Norovirus Outbreak Risk: The Worst Food Safety Behaviours Revealed

A new study commissioned by the FSA, looking at food handler behaviours, has revealed the highest risk areas for the spread of norovirus.  Also known as the winter vomiting bug, norovirus is th... read more

Pest Activity Results In Lower Food Hygiene Ratings.

Environmental Health Officers are following the new Food Hygiene Rating Scheme brand standard very closely when it comes to finding pest activity at a food business.Where there is evidence of a pest i... read more

HSE To Focus Activity On Stress In The Workplace

The Health and Safety Executive is to boost its activity to help companies tackle stress in the workplace. HSE’s head of work-related stress policy Rob Vondy said half a million workers were effect... read more

Changes In Food Hygiene Rating Re-inspections

Currently in England, Food Hygiene Ratings can only be reassessed by an Environmental Health Officer after a minimum of three months from the date of the initial inspection. This may now change in som... read more

A Game To Train Food Hygiene Training Offer Helping Food Businesses Across The UK

Audrey Deane reports how the uptake of the offer to trial the new food safety gaming app has been very popular. ‘We’re really pleased with the huge range of businesses acro... read more

Human Cases Of Campylobacter Show A 17% Decline In 2016.

New figures from UK surveillance bodies show a 17% decline in the number of laboratory reports of human cases of campylobacter in 2016. This meets the FSA aim to reduce the number of people gett... read more

Food And You Survey Reports New Findings On Food Allergens And Intolerances.

Over 3000 adults were surveyed across England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the latest Food and You survey. This report is published every two years and the information is used by the FSA to s... read more

Food Fraud And Illegal Meat Supplies Cases Highlights The Importance Of Supplier Quality Assurance.

Two recent cases of food fraud and illegal meat supply have emphasised the importance of knowing who your suppliers are and that they are trustworthy. The first case was led by Leicester Cit... read more

FREE Food Hygiene Certificate With New Food Safety Training App

The creators of ground-breaking app, A Game to Train, which uses immersive gaming technology to train staff to a Level 2 standard in food safety, are offering catering businesses an ex... read more

100% Government Funded Apprenticeships Still Available Until 28th April 2017

Hygiene Sue has access to 100% Government funded Apprenticeships until 28th April. Employers pay £25.00 registration fee only. The funding will support people of all ages t... read more

Are Your Eggs Still Free Range?

Due to the recent outbreak of Avian or bird flu in both farmed and wild birds,poultry farmers have been required to bring their flocks inside. ... read more

Primary Authority Partnerships – What Are They And Are They A Good Thing?

Primary Authority Partnerships exist to provide businesses with consistent legal advice that they can rely on and also provides regulators with flexible ways of working. The intention is that the sc... read more

KFC Received £1 Million Fine For Gravy Spillages

Two incidents involving gravy spillages have resulted in KFC pleading guilty to offences under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. One of the incidents involved a 16 year old boy who w... read more

List Of Approved Suppliers Of Meat For Rare Burgers Published

Since March 2017, suppliers of rare burgers (or minced meat intended for burgers that will be eaten ‘less than thoroughly cooked’) have to be approved by eith... read more

Games Helps Teenage Brothers With The Daily Grind Of Cystic Fibrosis

Recently the team at BBC 2 Big Life Hacks were challenged with helping two young lads who have cystic fibrosis. The condition means that they have to go through a series of daily exercises to help c... read more

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