Our food hygiene auditors provide you with practical solutions that suit your operation

Food Hygiene Audits and the Law

UK food hygiene regulations don’t require you to have independent food hygiene audits by a food hygiene auditor. However your business will be inspected by an enforcement officer from your local environmental health department. A food hygiene audit alerts you to what you need to comply with food hygiene regulations and so avoid costly legal action being taken against you.

About our food hygiene audits

We will inspect your food premises and speak to your managers and staff to help you comply with the law and industry good practice. An straightforward action plan is then produced which details what needs to be done.

Our food hygiene auditors have extensive enforcement experience so recognise situations when EHOs will and won’t take legal action so can ensure that you prioritise your expenditure. They seek out practical solutions to ensure that you comply with the law in a way that suits your type of operation and style of working.

Food hygiene audits and food hygiene ratings

Your food hygiene auditor will predict the your food hygiene rating and detail what you need to do to achieve 5 out of 5. When you are inspected by an enforcement officer they will check how you verify that your food safety management system is working. The fact that you are being independently audited will improve the ‘confidence in management’ section of your food hygiene rating score.


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