Our experts will ensure your food labels comply with the Food Information Regulations

Food labels and the law

The Food Information to Consumers (FIC) Regulation has modified and consolidated existing food label provisions in the EU. The main additions related to allergen declarations and nutritional data provisions 

What information is required on a food label

Food label requirements are complex and vary from product to product. In the main, they only apply to prepackaged foods and not to foods sold loose. There are also exemptions to certain rules if the foods are packed on the same site that they are sold from. There are certain basic requirements required on a food label :

This was a brief summary and there are specific rules about the details of each of these indications, and the manner in which they are presented, which also need to be followed.


About our food label services

Our experts can advise whether your food labels comply with both existing and planned food labelling regulations. We work with importers, manufacturers and retailers to avoid costly food withdrawals and to prevent legal action caused by food labels not meeting EU and UK laws. We also run food labelling training courses.

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