We provide simple HACCP plans and food safety management systems

Food safety management systems and the law

A Food Safety Management System is sometimes referred to as a HACCP Plan or a Food Safety Policy. The law requires all sizes and types of food businesses to instigate, implement and maintain documented procedures based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Hospitality clients with an ongoing food safety compliance contract are now able to opt into our Primary Authority Partnership with Milton Keynes. This can provides you with legal protection against inconsistent enforcement in England provided that you implement your food safety management system fully.

About your food safety management system

If HACCP sounds somewhat complicated you’ll be pleased to know that our food hygiene consultants can make it easy for you. In layman terms, HACCP is a systematic way of predicting what could go wrong and making sure that it doesn’t.

Your food safety management system and food hygiene ratings

When deciding your food hygiene rating, Council officers will check to make sure that your Food Safety Management System is effective and whether your HACCP forms are complete. It must reflect what is happening in practice and your team members must be fully aware of the controls that are relevant to their job role.

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