Keep your costs down with online courses

Which online courses are best?

More companies are choosing online training courses to make cost savings or to standardise delivery. We have examined all the courses available and believe those produced by Highfield E-learning to be the most up-to-date, interesting and respected by EHOs. It is for this reason that we have entered into a partnership that allows us to offer all their courses.

We have also developed our own game based training app which is revolutionising how hospitality workers are learning about food hygiene. A Game to Train Food Safety is a CIEH Assured Level 2 qualification. Candidates achieve their food hygiene certificate whilst immersed in a computer game which can be played online or offline on any device. Teams can compete on leader boards within their site, within their company or globally.

How much do our courses cost?

Pricing depends on how many you buy at once:

Level 1 Course Prices (plus VAT)
10-19 = £14 each,    20-99 = £12 each,    100+ = £9 each

Level 2 Course Prices (plus VAT)*
10-19 = £19 each,    20-99 = £17 each,    100+ = £14 each

* Our Level 2 A Game to Train Food Safety Course can be purchased immediately with no minimum order. An annual subscription can also be arranged which includes unlimited A Game to Train Food Safety Courses.

Level 3 Course Prices (plus VAT)
1 = £185 each,    2-5 = £165 each,    6-10 = £145 each


E-learning courses

We can arrange for your team members to take any of the courses below. We can also arrange for managers to access our learning management system to set up learners, check their progress, download or save their certificates.

Food Safety

Health and Safety

Fire Safety


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